20. Oktober 2013 – 12. Januar 2014 /// Skulpturenmuseum Marl

The Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl has been the home to the video art award since 1984 – and since 2002 to the sound art award, which in the coming year will further evolve into the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD – and this year, for the first time, both media art forms will be on exhibit together.

The treatment of the theme of ‘space’ as specified in the invitation for submissions was broadly interpreted in the selection of works for the exhibition. The theme derives from the artistic medium from which the museum derives its name – sculpture – which requires room per se as a result of its ‘all-round viewability’. The theme of ‘space’ is hence an attempt to provide a specification for the competition that can be grasped interculturally yet without being interpreted so narrowly as to become limiting.

Creiler Platz 1, 45768 Marl