Hannover. 2000. 2010.

HD Video 14:00 min.

Link to Video -> http://vimeo.com/17087212

In Hannover, over ten years ago, took place the World Fair, Expo 2000. 60 acres of land were designed and built with typical architectural national pavilions. The re-utilization concept that was to take place after the fair proved to be a failure. Instead of an IT center booming with science and research, the fair grounds are empty and in ruins. Where once stood a million visitors, is now unused and mostly empty.

The dancer Ruben Reniers was invited with his company at Expo 2000 to perform for the cultural program of the German pavilion. For “Hannover. Expo 2000. 2010.” he was asked to re-ennact, at selected locations on the fairgrounds, from memory the dance he and his dance company performed during the Fair trade, ten years earlier at the same place.

I also recorded, using fixed camera shots in July 2010, various former Expo 2000 sites. The resulting video is a stage-like situation, compounded by irregular appearances of the dancer in a few sequences. The work shows how the spatial experience of a big event losses its meaning afterward, leaving a haunting emptiness.