Schwedter Ecke Oderberger

HD Video 14:00 min.

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In the 60’s my mother lived in an apartment at the corner of Schwedterstraße and Oderbergerstraße, in East berlin. This apartment building stood just a few meters away from the barriers of the DDR border, the Berlin wall. From her window she could look directly into the dead-zone and the other side, West Berlin. On the other side stood a viewing platform to allow the people in the West to look over the wall and into the East. In Mai 1969 my mother escaped into West Berlin. Not long afterward she stood on the platform and looked at the old apartment.

The video shows autobiographical text with sequences of view points, contemporary, taken from the same apartment. The photo, also contemporary, was taken where the viewing platform stood, looking at the apartment building. In the binder one can find archive photos of the area (sometimes taken by the Stasi).